South Shore Inn: Cedar Points New Gaterkeeper Rollercoaster

Though the line may be long on opening night, most people who ride it love it.

Whats the hype? Gate Keeper is the park’s 16th roller coaster and their first winged coast

er. In true CP fashion, the $30 million ride crushes several world records – including track length (4,161 ft.), drop height (164 ft.) and most inversions (six). The track dramatically flies above the main entrance of the park, passing over arriving guests with two rolling flyover maneuvers as the train narrowly slides through a “keyhole” for near miss excitement.

Those who rode it said one of the best moments on the ride is passing through the keyhole above the park’s entrance as you go through a Zero-G-Roll. You’ll then get flipped around and come back over the front gate as you go through a 360 degree In-Line-Roll. Riders said for a moment during the second pass over the entrance, it felt as if they were floating on air.
Gate Keeper again raises the bar for roller coasters.  Cedar Point still can be considered the best Roller Coaster Park in the World.


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