African Safari Wildlife Park


african-safari-wildlife-parkDrive through an African savannah where animals stroll right up to your car. Roll down the window and amaze your friends and family when a giraffe pokes his head right into your car. No passport required for this unique adventure, it happens right in Port Clinton Ohio at the African Safari Wildlife Park! Just 17 miles west of Cedar Point, this 100 acre preserve is home to over fifty species of rare, exotic and endangered animals.

Admission includes a free bucket of food and if you haven’t seen enough on your first drive through, you can loop through as many times as you want. View a wide range of animals in their natural habitat, including alpaca, water buffalo, white zebras, giraffes and the exotic giant eland. Never heard of it? It’s an open forest savannah antelope!

The camels at the park are very friendly and the wildlife park features both Bactrian (2 humped) and Dromedary (1humped) varieties. You can even ride a camel at the park! In recent years warthogs have become very popular and the African Safari Wildlife Park is one of the few places in the United States that you can view them. There are less than 75 total in the US!

Take the kids to our petting zoo where they can experience many animals up close. Don’t forget your camera, these friendly animals will provide many photo opportunities! Pony rides are available for the little ones to enjoy.

Enjoy family friendly lodging at the South Shore Inn in Sandusky Ohio, conveniently located near Cedar Point Amusement Park and a short day trip to the African Safari Wildlife Park. The hotel features a large pool, Jacuzzi tubs, a restaurant and lounge and a variety of vacation rooms and suites to accommodate couples or families of any size.

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